Face palm, bacon among 72 new emojis slated for release

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Apple's next iOS release will include 72 new emojis - a few of which we're all sure to make use of immediately. 

According to emojipedia.org, there are additions in almost every category, including animals, faces, professions, food and symbols. 

The internet has already chosen its favorites, and among the top mentioned are the shrug, fingers crossed, rolling on the floor laughing, and our favorites - the face palm and BACON! 

Other additions to the food category are an avocado, pancakes, a glass of milk and a salad. If animals are your go-to, a gorilla, fox face, rhino, eagle, shrimp and a shark are sure to delight.  

There will also be a clown face, stuffed flatbread, a scooter and right- and left-facing fists. We would trade the flatbread for a manatee emoji, but maybe next time. (No offense to flatbread.) 

Emoji critics have long said females in professional roles are underrepresented, but this release does a lot to balance the equation. It adds both male and female firefighters, cooks, judges, health workers, farmers, scientists and singers. There's also a black heart - which we think is pretty gender-neutral. 

The new emojis were approved in June 2016. The last release of new emojis came with iOS 10 in September and a release date for 10.2 hasn't been announced yet.  

If you're a developer who took in iOS 10.2 beta, you already have the new emojis, but as beta releases in the past have shown, the artwork could change before the official release. 

For a full list and images of the new emojis, visit http://blog.emojipedia.org/ios-10-2-emoji-first-look-shrug-fingers-crossed-face-palm/