Fake Evanston kidnapping: Woman charged with making false report to police

An Evanston woman is accused of falsely telling police two masked men attempted to kidnap her last month in the north suburb.

According to Evanston police, 18-year-old Tianna Young told officers she was walking to work in the 1200 block of Fowler Avenue on January 23 when she observed a vehicle driving toward her.

Police say she then claimed the vehicle parked across the street and two masked men exited and approached her.


The offenders allegedly grabbed Young and picked her up, but she was able to fight and free herself from the men's hold.

Following an investigation, Evanston police confronted Young with information that was not consistent with her story. Police say she then admitted to making the false kidnapping report.

Young was charged with one misdemeanor count of Disorderly Conduct. She's due in court on March 7 in Skokie.