Fake invoices popping up in local mailboxes

A heads up next time you check the mail. Fake invoices are popping up in local mailboxes.

They might claim you're on the hook for hundreds of dollars for something you never ordered.

Liborio Padula runs the front of house for "Floss and Company" dentists in Chicago.

“I pretty much oversee all the legalities of the company,” he said. 

He's diligent about paying the bills. but when Padula came across an invoice from a company called "Media Pages" earlier this year - he questioned it and called the company.

“After several attempts, spoke with a representative that was very rude and disconnected and terminated the phone call. I then could not reach them,” he said.

Padula didn't pay what he says is fake invoice. But he isn't alone in receiving it. The Better Business Bureau says it's received 36 complaints about "Media Pages" - across 18 states.

Steve Bernas is president of the Chicago BBB. He says most amounts due on these invoices range from 400-to-500 dollars, and they're all bills for services not requested or rendered.

FOX 32 visited the "Michigan Avenue address" listed on the Floss and Company invoice - which turned out to be a mail-drop service. We also tried to call the Media Pages number listed on the invoice, but haven't received a response.

To avoid getting taken, the BBB says to create a process for inspecting invoices. Don't rush through it - and question any suspicious bills that pop up like Padula did.