Family can't get assistance with stair lift for daughter with brain cancer

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A family from Odenton can't afford the stair lift that would help make their daughter's movement safer after she was left blind and unable to walk during treatment for brain cancer.

Nine-year-old Saniya Nelson was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor in July 2017. She's undergone numerous surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation and during the process lost her sight and her ability to walk.

Saniya's tumor has been removed but she is not cancer free.

Nelson's father Christopher says the family's insurance doesn't cover home modifications and Saniya would benefit from a stair lift. Christopher carries his daughter up and down the stairs of their townhome multiple times a day.

"Having something like that would be very beneficial because it would give us this sense of safety," Nelson said.

Christopher Nelson, who is a 13-year Air Force veteran, tells FOX 5 the family is also ineligible for all the government and outside assistance they've looked into because he makes too much money. It's a gray area because Nelson says the programs don't take into account the family's mounting medical bills.

"It's almost like you'd rather me quit my job and have the government take care of me then to give me assistance, give me help to help my child," Nelson said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe in hopes of raising money for Saniya's stair lift.

"My daughter didn't ask to be here and I'm thankful that she's here and we will continue to take care of her the best way we can," Nelson said.