Family, friends gather to remember pregnant mom of 4 killed by suspected drunk driver

Family and friends were brought to tears Thursday night as the Streamwood community came together to remember a pregnant mother gone too soon.

A vigil was held to remember the mother killed by a suspected drunk driver.

It was a heartbreaking moment on a cold night as a mother and daughter shedded tears for the tragic death of their loved one. They and dozens more gathered in Streamwood to remember 29-year-old Aries Cobian, killed by an accused drunk driver on Monday night. Police say Cobian was pushing her car, which had broken down, when 67-year-old Hinigo Olvera ran his pickup truck into her.

Mourners gathered at the scene where she died. Her mother says the family still can't believe it.

"It's a big devastation. It's hard. As a mother you never think you'll bury your child,” she said.

She added she's still in shock.

"People ask me you haven't cried. I'm still processing it myself but I have to be strong,” she said. "But eventually I will break down and it will be my time to be sorry for my child.”

Olvera was charged Tuesday with aggravated DUI causing death. The family says his punishment should be a lesson for anyone who thinks about drinking and driving.

"They don't understand the devastation they cause in people's lives. Look at this. For one woman. Look at the outpour for her and all these people that she has touched and he took that away from everybody,” Cobian’s mother said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral expenses.