Family of man killed by Chicago police alleging cover-up

CHICAGO (AP) — The family of a man killed by Chicago police wants a new trial in a wrongful death lawsuit after at top city attorney admitted he failed to turn over crucial evidence before the first trial.

The Chicago Tribune reports that lawyers for the family of Darius Pinex are asking a federal judge to sanction Senior Corporation Counsel Jordan Marsh. They're seeking a new trial in their $10 million suit or for the judge to find in their favor without a trial.

A jury sided with the officers in March.

Pinex was shot to death in 2011 after police stopped his Oldsmobile Aurora. They said it matched the description they'd heard over the radio of a car wanted in a shooting.

But that dispatch actually aired in a different radio zone. A call that aired in the officers' zone involved an Oldsmobile Aurora that didn't match Pinex's car and wasn't wanted in a shooting.

Marsh recently admitted failing to turn over that second recording. Marsh's attorney says his client didn't do anything wrong.