Family of missing University of Chicago student offers $10k reward for information

A Chinese student at the University of Chicago has been missing for more than a month and the man's family is asking for the public's help in finding him.

Diwen Fan, 20, left his dorm room on May 5, 2022, and hasn't been heard from since, according to his family.

Fan was carrying a black backpack with the word "EDISON" on it. He was also wearing a pair of black frame glasses.

Diwen Fan | Provided


The family believes Fan's life is in "severe danger."

The family released the following statement:

"Diwen, not everything in the world goes smoothly as we wish, so there is no need to be frustrated by things that are simply not in our control. Your parents know that you had tried your best in school and they really appreciate all the hard work you putted in for yourself and for your family. However, life is more than just being enrolled in a fine institution or accomplishing good grade; perseverance, resilience, and determination are the qualities we cherish. There is not a single task in your life that cannot be resolved, but the key is to always have an optimistic mentality." Everyone you know believes in you and supports you, especially your family and friends. We are all looking forward to your safe return, so please contact us."

Diwen Fan | Provided

Anyone with information is asked to contact family attorney John Huang of HUANG & HU PC at 312-782-2090, or email

The University of Chicago released the following statement:

"The University is working closely with law enforcement and family members concerning a missing 2nd-year undergraduate student, Diwen Fan. We are providing support and resources to the family during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with Diwen and his family and we hope for his safe return.

The University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) is investigating Diwen Fan’s disappearance in coordination with other law enforcement agencies. If anyone has information about Diwen’s whereabouts or other aspects of this case, we urge them to contact UPCD at 773.702.8181 or"