Family urges teen to come forward after friend fatally shot inside Chicago home

Two detectives say the teen who pulled the trigger killing a 13-year-old boy in Englewood over the weekend has not yet turned himself in.  

On Saturday, seventh grader Deon Williams walked up to his relative's home after a trip to the dentist. On Monday night, the sidewalk outside that house is lined with candles and teddy bears in memory of him.

The 13-year-old was shot to death inside the home by a friend. His family is telling the 14-year-old shooter to turn himself in.

“Well, that would be the right thing to do instead of running, that won’t make things better. It’ll only make it worse," said Peaches Johnson, Deon's sister.

Police responded after Williams was shot in the chest. It's an especially tough time for Williams' siblings, losing their brother and nearly losing their mother.

“Yes, my mom is a cancer survivor since last year,” said Johnson. “She had cancer and she beat it and now, this. So it’s going to be very hard and plus he was our baby brother so it’s very hard on us right now.”

Johnson said her brother wanted to be a professional basketball player, that he was really good at three-pointers. She said he was fun to be around and made everyone smile.