Fate of Calumet City District Superintendent to be decided after board meeting

Calumet City School Board members held a closed-door meeting Thursday night to decide the fate of District Superintendent Dr. Troy Paraday.

Paraday came under fire following a FOX 32 exclusive report that revealed he was the highest paid school superintendent in Illinois, making over $400,000 annually.

Paraday was set to retire next week and collect another $750,000 for unused vacation and sick time. He reported more than 500 days of pay.

FOX 32's exclusive reporting triggered an investigation by the board's attorney who went to police to report that the superintendent was fraudulently changing his vacation days to work days in the district's computer system, presumably to pad his payout. 

Paraday has since been placed on administrative leave and the board was supposed to decide Thursday night whether to fire him days before his retirement was to take effect.

The Calumet City Police Department has turned over the investigation to the Cook County Sheriff's Office because of their expertise in forensic computer science.