‘Feisty’ Jewish war hero, 99, survived Nazi assassination, plane crash, cancer, and now coronavirus

Joy Andrew in the WAAF, 1940s York (SWNS)

A German Jewish World War II veteran who survived a Nazi assassination attempt, plane crash and breast cancer can now add another accomplishment: defeating coronavirus months before she turns 100.

Joy Andrew, 99, who is described as "indestructible," contracted COVID-19 in May at the Minster Grange care home in York, England.


Two weeks later, she was placed on end-of-life care and her 57-year-old daughter, Michele Andrew, said her "final farewell," Yahoo News UK reports.

But staff and family watched in amazement as "feisty" Joy, whose life hung in the balance for two days, was able to "miraculously defeat" the virus, The Sun reports.

The war hero, who joined the Women's Auxillary Air Force and served in Bomber Command, was able to keep her spirit alive once again.


Joy Andrew with niece Toni Harrison (centre) and daughter Michele Andrew (right) at Minster Grange. (SWNS)

“My mother survived an assassination attempt in post-war Germany by her chauffeur, later identified as a Nazi," Michele said.

"She also survived crash landing in the desert as one of BOAC’s first air hostesses. She was rescued by Bedouins," she explained. "And she survived breast cancer."


Squadron Leader David Andrew MBE AFC with wife Joy Andrew. (SWNS)

Michele added, "She certainly wasn't going to let coronavirus defeat her."

Michele was adopted by Joy and her late husband, David, in 1963.

Joy suffers from dementia, which family said prevents her from recognizing her achievement, but Michele said the family will celebrate and looks forward to getting together for her 100th birthday Nov. 22.


Joy Andrew celebrates her 99th Birthday with daughter Michele.(SWNS)