Film yourself eating breakfast with a selfie-spoon

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(FOX News) - In today’s selfie-obsessed culture, there are few rituals safe from the front-facing camera lens.

The Selfie Spoon in all its glory. (
Even eating --the actual act of putting food in your mouth--has fallen into the selfie-stick rut.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch has unveiled the latest photo-taking tool that may usher in the end of all human decency as we know it. The Selfie Spoon is part spoon, part selfie-stick—and all  ridiculousness. Eaters can attach their cell phone to one end as they chow down on cereal, Greek yogurt, soups and more.

The camera angle is a bit exaggerated so, at the very least, your meal time will appear more dramatic than usual --should you decide to share your snaps or video with social media followers. People lucky enough to be among the first to try it out are already sharing their dining experiences.

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