Fired suburban cheerleading coach speaks out

It was a text message that led to Bridget Guzior losing her head cheerleading coach job at Stagg High School in southwest suburban Palos Hills.  

School District 230 officials said the text included profanity and was sent to a student, which violates school policy.

Guzior said it was sent to an athlete and a parent and that she wasn't aware of the policy.

“Sending a text to a mother and having the child on it is not a reason for your to lose your job,” Guzior said.

At first, she was only suspended in August but Guzior said she saw the writing on the wall, prompting her to "stand up for herself,” coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment by the high school athletic director, Terry Treasure.

“They were trying to find a way out for me.” Guzior said. “Because they were protecting their own. They were protecting Terry Treasure .

Guzior filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Resources for repeated sexual harassment. 

“The final comment that was made was about how hot we were as a cheerleading staff and how hot and proud he was to have the hottest cheerleading staff in the state,” Guzior said.

She said her firing was in retaliation the sex assault allegations. School district officials denied that, saying her termination was due to the profane text message she sent in August.  

"The conduct of the athletic director is not legally or ethically related to the basis for the disciplinary action to be taken against Ms. Guzior nor does any alleged misconduct by the athletic director excuse the conduct for which she is being disciplined,” a statement read.

“I was a successful coach who was there for my athletes, who never was in trouble before. The fact that they mad that such a big deal to cover up what was really happening was disheartening,” Guzior said. 

A school spokesperson said they are investigating the claims of sexual harassment made against the athletic director.