Firefighter, 2 residents injured in West Rogers Park apartment building fire

A kitchen accident started a smoky fire in a six-story building on Chicago’s North Side Wednesday morning.

With about a hundred seniors living there, firefighters called for extra help to make sure everyone was ok.

Firefighters responded to a unit on the sixth floor of the Swartzberg House, located 3101 W. Touhy Avenue at about 8:25 a.m. 

The fire generated a lot of smoke. Officials say the building’s alarm system sounded, alerting authorities while building managers got residents to stay in their units for safety reasons.

"I can tell you that there was an electric coffee pot that was put on the stove and then a burner was turned on the stove, which ignited this fire. We do have some residents with some mobility issues. So the fire department did the door-to-door search to make sure everyone was ok," Dan Fagin, President & CEO of CJE Senior Life said.

Chief Robert Jurwicz of the Chicago Fire Department said smoky conditions are especially dangerous for seniors because they can get lost, inhale the smoke and not recover. 

"The biggest thing is to make sure we get them all taken care of right away, but this building is very good. They have a great alarm system," Jurwicz said.

Two residents were taken to the hospital. A firefighter fell and suffered a minor injury.

The fire was contained to the apartment, but there was water damage on the two floors below.