Fires, vandalism reported in several Chicago, suburban school bathrooms as part of 'Tik Tok' trend

Kids in Texas have been destroying school bathrooms as a part of a Tik Tok trend.

Now, the trend has moved up to the Chicagoland area.

Fox 32 obtained letters sent home to parents warning them about the Tik Tok challenge where students are destroying school bathrooms.

In one case, a fire was started in the bathroom of Morgan Park High School and the Chicago Fire Department was called.

And — it doesn't stop there.

The Argo Community High School principal sent out a letter to parents about this viral Tik Tok challenge. 


School administrators in the suburban Summit District said in the past several days, multiple instances of vandalism has been uncovered in bathrooms.

Now, they are willing to make parents pay the district for the damage.

In District 130, which covers several south suburbs, a letter to parents of 5th graders said students can only go to the bathroom as a class and children won't be able to fill up their water bottles throughout the day after the bathroom was destroyed.

Tik Tok did ban the search phrase used to find the videos, saying the content violates their guidelines.