First look inside Chicago's new landmark skyscraper 'Vista Tower'

It is soaring over Chicago, ready to change both the city's skyline and the world of architecture.

Vista Tower, which is under construction along the Chicago River near the lake, will be the city's third tallest building. But that's not the only reason the skyscraper sticks out.

On the 83rd floor of Vista Tower, it is hard to relax since there are no walls – a very open floor plan that allows the wind to blow through.

“It relieves some of the wind pressure on the building and reduces sway,” said Sean Linnane, Executive VP of the Magellan Development Group.

The blow-through floor is a first for Chicago, and Linnane says it is just one of the ways they are able to construct a super-tall building in a rather windy city.

When Vista Tower opens in 2020, the 101-story building will be the third tallest in Chicago and the world's tallest from a female architect.

The unique design comes from the Chicago architect who has vaulted to global "star-chitect" status. Jeanne Gang, from Studio Gang, designed the rippling skyscraper that is rising in Lake Shore East.

“So the units up here are in the $10 million dollar-ish range. The highest priced unit we have is about $18 and a half million dollars,” Linnane said. “We sold one for just under 16.”

There is also a terrace, bigger than many people's homes that may just have the highest outdoor pool ever when it is done.

In all, there will be about 400 condominiums, plus a luxury hotel in the billion-dollar project.

“You’re going to see a lot of people taking pictures of this building,” Linnane said. “Much the same as they did with Aqua.”

Gang also designed the nearby Aqua Tower, with its waving balconies.

Once again, with Vista, Gang clearly did not want a boring box. The floor footprints shift, making the building undulate with six shades of blue -- rising 1,191 feet.

Plus, Gang figured out a way to double the number of coveted corner views.

“So every floor has 8 corners,” Linnane said.

In Chicago -- where the skyscraper was born -- Vista Tower promises to re-shape the skyline and the view on what a super tall building can be.