Flagger killed after asking couple to avoid fresh pavement, police say

A man working as a flagger for a paving company was shot and killed Wednesday after he asked a pedestrian not to step on the freshly laid asphalt, D.C. police say.

Barry Holmes was directing traffic as his crew with Capitol Paving were stripping the surface of Southern Avenue and then laying down new asphalt in the 5100 block.

Sources familiar with the investigation say a man and a woman pushing an empty stroller were attempting to cross Southern Avenue from the Prince George’s County side to the D.C. side when Holmes asked them not to cross.

According to sources, the man told Holmes he was going to kill him and pulled a handgun from what appeared to be a diaper bag.

Holmes – then fearing for his life – began to run north on Southern Avenue before tiring and stopping. That’s when the gunman walked up to him and fired one round into his chest.

Holmes died en route to Prince George’s Hospital Center.

The man and woman then ran away from the scene.

Police say they are looking for a black male with short hair – 20 to 30 years old – who was reportedly wearing a red and black top when he was last seen running back to Maryland.

A source familiar with the investigation says Holmes and the gunman may have had a similar dispute last Saturday.