Florida deputies stage fake traffic stop to surprise kids with military mom's homecoming

Deputies in north Florida made a family's day by staging a fake traffic stop so a military mom could surprise her kids, whom she hadn't seen in months.

Curtis Kimber contacted the Clay County Sheriff's Office, asking them to help surprise his three kids since their mom, Petty Officer Janea Kimber, was returning home after being away for several months.

“We got an unusual call the other day, and when we heard what it was, we just had to help out," the sheriff's office wrote in their video caption. "Check it out – and maybe grab a tissue."

The video shows Curtis driving and listening to music with his three kids in the vehicle. Soon after they got on the road, deputies pulled him over for failing to use a turn signal.

After Kimber was asked to step out of his vehicle, one of the officers asked, “Do y’all know this person?”

Then Janea, in uniform, stepped from the back of the cruiser and surprised the kids with a big hug.