Florida woman on the mend after mistaking glue for eye drops

A Florida woman is reportedly healing after doctors pried apart her eyelids, which got stuck together when she mistook superglue for eye drops.

Katie Gaydos told WPBF.com that the blunder began when a man wielding a leaf blower blew debris into her eye. She asked him to reach into her bag to grab Visine, but he picked up glue used to apply false fingernails instead, and then  poured the solution into her eye. The mother of two reportedly wept for nine days as she coped with a painful, closed left eye, and a doctor turned her away when she sought help because she’s unemployed and does not have insurance.

When WPBF 25, in Lantana, Fla., aired Gaydos’ story Wednesday, a different doctor, but one from the same office, called her offering to scrape the glue off her cornea and detach the eye lids from each other. He made no mention of payment.

“[The doctor] put Lidocaine above and below my eye, and just pulled on it until it finally opened,” she told WPBF.com. “He said I should get my sight back and not have permanent damage.”

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