Fmr. Bear Desmond Clark turns himself into police

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Former Chicago Bear Desmond Clark, and his wife, have turned themselves in to Vernon Hills police after being charged in connection to a dispute involving alleged racial taunts aimed at their son.

"He’s been there for four years now. Every year he's encountered a racial incident," said Clark’s attorney Frank Avila.

The former Bears' tight end has been charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. His wife is being charged with disorderly conduct and assault. Their bond was set at $25K each.

In an exclusive interview with FOX 32 News, Clark said he is being unfairly prosecuted after he complained about his son’s treatment at Vernon Hills High School. Clark said his 17-year-old son, who's a senior, has been the subject of racial taunts and threats, and when the family complained, nothing happened.

Avila said that the school administrator recently called Clark’s son "criminal."

Recently, Clark expressed his frustration at a “lip-synch” social event held at the high school. He said school officials told him they felt threatened by his comments and asked for a police investigation.

“He spoke. He didn't grab the microphone from anybody. He didn't push anybody. There was no physical violence of course. But he spoke because he was so frustrated with the racism and the maltreatment by some people in the school,” Avila said.

“After that incident the school told him, and the lawyer for the school told me, that he was not welcome on campus, that people were afraid of him. And here's the problem I have with that…he has no criminal history. None. He has no history of violence. None. But now they're saying they're afraid of him. Why are they afraid of him? Because he's a black man? Because he's a big guy? Because he played football?” Avila added.

“His impassioned speech was on racism, the administrators not doing proper things, the mistreatment of his son and the maltreatment of him and his family,” Avila said.

“He didn't threaten anybody. He didn't say he was going to beat anybody up. The only disturbance is that he spoke against racism and most of the crowd cheered for him, most of the crowd is on his side,” Avila said.

Avila said Clark also used coached football at the high school.

“Former professional football player who's coaching at the school. He had a weekly basketball game with some of the coaches…and now the school is saying he can't come on their premises, can't see his kids games. They weren't even going to let him on senior night to take pictures with his kid and go on the field with his son,” Avila said.

“His whole life has been clean and clear (never been arrested, community leader, etc). And now the Vernon Hills Police Department in conjunction with the Vernon Hills High School is discriminating against him, violating his civil rights, abusing the process of the law, doing a false charge against him,” Avila added.

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