For your benefit, this is the right way to go about hiring a contractor

Two neighbors hired a painter to do work outside their homes, but after three months - they say - it's still not complete.

Mike Galante says he's not happy with the current state of his home. He hired a contractor to power wash and paint back in June.

“We looked them up, Better Business Bureau, it was an A+ rating, great price, let's go,” Galante said.

He says they came out right away to power wash, but never came back to finish the job.

“I think I've counted up over 50 calls I've made, plus emails,” Galante said.

Galante says the company kept promising to come back, but never showed - leaving power cords in the yard and Galante frustrated.

And Galante isn't alone.

Next-door-neighbor Bill Hayes hired the same contractor on the same contract. He says the 2-for-1 deal worked out great in the past, but this time it was a different story.

“It kind of brings me down when I look at all the stuff, wondering when this is going to get done,” Hayes said.

Galante and Hayes thought they did their homework - they checked out the BBB rating and vetted the company online. But they're still having these problems.

So if you're planning to hire a contractor, first, get a written timeframe of when the work will be complete. There wasn't one on Galante and Hayes' contract.

Next, check references for any contractor.

Third, pay for work with a credit card. You have more consumer protections that way. Never pay in full up front. Galante and Hayes paid half.

And experts say, pay as little as possible before the job is done.

Follow these steps so you don't end up like Galante and Hayes.

By the way, the company told FOX 32 they'd finish the job this week or next after we reached out. We also asked the Better Business Bureau how this company received an A-plus rating. It tells us its grading is based off an algorithm, and there are currently no complaints on file for "Paint Works."