Forensic test results in murder of Chicago family may be ready by next week

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Forensic testing is now taking place on evidence found at the Gage Park home where a family of six was found murdered.

Family members are holding out hope it will solve one of the most horrific murders this city has ever seen.

Two weeks ago, police responded to a request for a well-being check at the Martinez family's home on South California. What police found inside was a house of horrors: five family members were stabbed to death including two children. The boys’ mother was shot to death.

Right now, the key to solving this case lies in the evidence which is being rushed through the crime labs. A source told FOX 32 that investigators hope to have at least some of it back by early next week.

The big question is will that evidence point to a killer or killers, or will it be a series of dead ends.

The family and people in the community are trying to remain hopeful.

The large crowds of people coming by to pay their respects to the Martinez family has dwindled during the past two weeks, but this tragedy still tugs at the heartstrings of people throughout the city, especially as it remains unsolved.

“I actually had a family member that something like this actually happened to them and I don't, that's one reason why I came here to show respect, because no family deserves something like this,” said resident Sebastian Atempa.

Chicago police say this case remains a top priority for the department, but that detectives are proceeding methodically and painstakingly because of all the evidence. A source says detectives have nearly finished reviewing 36 hours’ worth of video from various cameras in the area.

For the family, justice can't come soon enough.

“They're the same as they were two weeks ago, now they've prepared themselves for the funeral services here, now they're preparing themselves for the funeral services in Mexico,” said crisis responder Dawn Valenti.

Armando Cruz, the father of the two boys who were killed, returned to Mexico Thursday. He had been deported last year after coming to the US illegally, but was slated to get his legal papers in April allowing him to return to his family.

His pain at the funeral was gut-wrenching for Valenti to see.

“To watch a man drop to his knees and break down, cry, just cry uncontrollably, it was rough for me, I had to step away from it myself because it was two children in there and he broke down over both of their caskets,” Valenti said.

Neighbors had hoped for answers by now.

“We would like to know what's going on by now. Maybe they have more leads on it, that way we could be a little more, we could sleep better at night,” said neighbor Carmelo Diego.

Police told FOX 32 that they have no motive yet, and everything remains on the table as far as theories, including the ex-boyfriend of Maria Martinez and the possibility this was somehow connected to the Mexican cartel.