Dozens attend rally against Advocate Aurora's hospital employee vaccine mandate

In suburban Chicago on Tuesday, dozens of people attended a protest against hospitals requiring employees to get vaccinated.

Former Trump staffer Catalina Lauf, who is running for Congress against Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ottawa), promoted the anti-vaccine rally at Advocate Aurora Sherman Hospital in Elgin. However, a FOX 32 Chicago crew on the scene did not see her there.

A flyer for the event shared by Lauf on social media said: "Join Us In The Fight For Our Rights! Say NO To The Mandate!!! Advocate Aurora employees need your help! We are being threatened with termination if we do not comply with getting the experimental covid-19 vaccine. This goes against a basic human right to refuse medication or treatment. Please stand by our healthcare professionals as they have been for you!

Advocate Aurora, like most hospitals in the United States, is requiring employees to get vaccinated for the health and safety of themselves, patients and colleagues.