FOX 32 catches up with the creators and stars of 'Empire'

FOX 32 caught up the stars of ‘Empire’ at a ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ event at the Field Museum, and got some insight into Season 2.

Empire Season 2 is again being shot in Chicago, and Jussie Smollett – Jamal on the show - was happy to return.

"Chicago is the most beautiful city and I love being here. It’s literally one of my favorite cities in the nation - especially when it's warm," Smollett said.

The show is set in New York. But when it came to shooting episodes, the show's co -creator Danny Strong said it was an easy pick. 

“It is one of the great American cities, so literally I was on the call and they said you can be in Chicago…It was like an instantaneous decision,” Strong said.

FOX 32 asked Chicago’s own Ta'Rhonda Jones on how her life has completely changed in less than a year. 

"I originally went in thinking I was gonna be the next rap artist. The next drake and Kendrick Lamar," Jones said.

She read some lines and next thing she knew, she was cast as Cookie's assistant!

"I have 8 siblings and I think they're all jealous because I’m the favorite one now. Every time we do something, she says come meet my daughter and they're like what about us, you have 7 more kids mama!" Jones said.

FOX 32 also had to ask: How do you top last season? 

"I don't know how you top it, but I think we might be toppin it. Lee and Danny are here and they're just genius. What they've done with next season will set your souls on fire. Next level,” Smollett said.

So, FOX 32 asked the show’s creators, Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, about how they direct and write such great storylines week after week.

"I try not to take it too serious because then I’ll get to wrapped up in what other people think and just kinda keep telling the story, and having fun and watching Cookie and Luscious go at it. And dealing with all those crazy black folk. it’s like madness on the set. It’s like being with my family. Well, it's based on my family. I don't know what to make of it,” Daniels said.

"So I'll tell you everything that's gonna happen… I’m not telling you anything! There’s no spoilers here,” Strong teased.

Maybe Jamal will at least reveal some of this season's romance. 

Like, who hooks up with whom?!

"I cannot tell you that. I cannot tell you that my darlin'. We wanna know the scoop. All will be revealed in Episode 1 September 23rd on FOX,” Smollett said.