FOX 32 helps Berwyn mom get new phone from Samsung

A mom from Berwyn reached out to FOX 32 after she says her phone started to burn while charging, and she says the company wouldn't help.

“I woke up, and the phone was extremely hot, like too hot to touch on its own,” Green said.

After inspecting the phone, Green says part of the phone burned while plugged in to a Samsung charger. She says she called Samsung right away to report it and bought a wireless charger, since the phone would still make calls, even though some of the phone's features no longer worked.

“I was like - this is immediate - this needs to be handled immediately,” Green told Samsung.

Green says Samsung told her to mail the phone back so they could investigate. But that would leave her without a lifeline for her and her daughter for potentially weeks on end. And she says the company wouldn't provide or replacement or a loaner.

“I would have been without a phone the entire time, which was what my biggest dilemma was,” Green said.

Green says she kept calling, but couldn't get Samsung to send her a replacement. Then, she tried a different approach.

“I saw you all's number just the other day and I was like - this is perfect. And I just gave it a try and you called me right away,” Green said.

After green called FOX 32, we reached out to Samsung. The very next day, Samsung sent Green a tracking number for her new phone.

Samsung told FOX 32 it stands behind the quality and safety of its Galaxy S7 phones.

The company says it's in the process of obtaining Green's device so it can determine the cause of the incident.