FOX 32 helps Chicago couple get floor fixed after months of frustration

A Chicago couple says their new kitchen floor cracked months after it was installed.

It was fixed once, but when problems kept popping up, they called on FOX 32.

For Agnes Yuille, just grabbing something out of the fridge now comes with an eyesore. She's talking about her floors, which she bought from Lumber Liquidators in 2013.

Yuille paid $558 for the floors.

“It just started deteriorating about 6 months after it was installed,” Yuille said.

Deteriorating and cracking, leaving big gaps where the flooring once was. She says getting the company to fix the floors the first time was easy. But then, they started to come apart again.

The floors came with a 50 year guarantee -- good until 2063.

Yuille says she sent in paperwork to get the floors fixed again.

“And I hadn't heard anything so I made 3 or 4 calls since June and no response,” she said.

So she tried another approach and called FOX 32.

“We wanted someone who would be able to hear a customer's complaint and do something about it,” she said.

Yuille had a simple request.

“I would like to have it replaced,” she said.

FOX 32 contacted Lumber Liquidators. The company told us it re-established communication with Yuille and reached a resolution.

And after we got involved, Lumber Liquidators sent her a credit invoice for $600 -- more than she paid for the floor.

Yuille and her husband are currently working with the store to pick out a new floor, and thank FOX 32 for the happy outcome.