FOX 32's Dawn Hasbrouck goes 1-on-1 with 'Empire' star

FOX 32 NEWS - He’s gone from the West Side to Lucious Lyon's bad side on ‘Empire.’ The FBI agent who has it out for the shows main character is Chicago’s own Morocco Omari.

FOX 32’s Dawn Hasbrouck talked to him about his journey before he struck Empire gold.

He plays the villain named Tariq - the FBI agent after Lucious Lyon who is trying to take down the Empire.

But in real life, he is on the rise while his feet remain firmly planted on the ground, for now in his native Chicago.

The Evanston Township grad had been acting for decades, so he was ready when his agent said Empire was looking for a cop, but wanted well-known stars only.

“I said they're not looking for me - they're looking for a star. I’m a working actor... but I’m clearly not a star,” said Omari.

But after sending in his video audition - his agent called him again. 

“He said you're the guy. It was so cryptic. I said what do you mean I’m the guy.  He said Empire - they want you. I was like get outta here dude,” Omari said.

And he's been out for Lucious ever since.

He’s been on two seasons and made such an impression that in the finale, the writers revealed that he is Lucious Lyon's half-brother.

Omari’s advice to actors who are working their way through the industry: keep honing your craft and like many other jobs, don't be afraid to fly the coup, leave Chicago and expose yourself to other cities and opportunities, just like he did.