FOX 32's Elizabeth Matthews talks heroin epidemic on Rockin' Recovery Radio

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - FOX 32's Elizabeth Matthews joined Rockin' Recovery Radio Monday to discuss the heroin epidemic.

Rockin’ Recovery Radio is a 3 hour talk show hosted by recovering heroin addicts. They provide education, awareness and information regarding addiction issues, treatment options and recovery services.

Matthews was featured in the Monday, May 16th show to discuss her 5 month project on heroin abuse, "Dying for the High." It is a three part in-depth series about the drug, the addiction, the families involved and how the state is handcuffing help.

She was stunned to find out how much she didn't know about heroin and who it is impacting.

Unfortunately, the heroin epidemic shows no signs of stopping, and sadly help for addicts is declining. Twenty-eight thousand people died from taking opioids in 2014, and that was the highest number on record.

Since then, the number of deaths have quadrupled. And according to a study from the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, only 11-percent of addicts get help from treatment centers.

Most of them said they couldn't handle the long wait lists.

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