Fox Lake quiet as manhunt for cop's killers continues

FOX LAKE (FOX 32 News) -- The Fox Lake area is unusually quiet as the manhunt for the killers of Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz continues.

"It is very quiet out there and it's odd to me… I was saying to my husband it's a little eerie out there,” said boater Kathy Decarlo.

Fox Lake is usually packed during the Labor Day weekend, but Decarlo says this holiday weekend is different.

“I know people changed plans, I think there's a big sadness," she said.

Fox Lake police Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz was shot and killed Tuesday morning shortly after he saw the alleged suspects acting suspiciously.   Since then, police say they have found "significant evidence" and new videos showing the suspects, still only described as two white men and one black man.

On Friday, police told the media they believe the suspects are still in the Fox Lake area, but the community should feel safe. 

“I think people just want to get out on the water and have fun, and I honestly think that's what the lieutenant would have wanted," said Kelly Withey with Jet Funn, a business that rents boats and jet skis.

She says their busy holiday weekend hasn't been affected, but during the week she received phone calls from people with reservations for this weekend.

“A lot of people are concerned and wondering what's going on and if it's okay, disrespectful almost, to come out," said Withey.

The respect for the police lieutenant can be seen all around town. 

Jodie Sternal and her family spray painted their lawn blue for the funeral procession which will pass by on Monday.

“Fox Lake is a community.  I think everybody just wants to have these people found," said Sternal.

Sternal says life in Fox Lake this past week has been hard and little frightening.

“They are still out there and God knows what they are doing," said Sternal.

Motorola Solutions has offered $50,000 in reward money to help find the killers. Other businesses have pledged money as well, police said.

Businesses or corporations that wish to provide reward money for information should call Lake County Undersheriff Raymond Rose at (847) 377-4367.

More than 100 good leads have come in and to help process them all, the FBI has brought it’s command van to Fox Lake and set up a national hotline and website dedicated to taking tips. Anyone with information can call 800-CALL-FBI (800-225-5324) or log in to