Frankfort shooting: Patron fatally shoots armed suspect at bar during robbery, another suspect flees

A suspect was fatally shot by a bar patron Saturday morning at Ryan's Pub in suburban Frankfort.

The bar is located at 7928 Lincoln Highway.

According to the Will County Sheriff's Office, at about 3:15 a.m., deputies were dispatched to Ryan's Pub for a report of an armed robbery in progress.

The sheriff's office said two Black male suspects entered the business armed with handguns, and demanded money from patrons and employees at the business.

The suspects were allegedly wearing dark-colored clothing with latex gloves, masks and hoods, and told patrons and employees that if they did not comply with their demands, they would shoot everyone in the establishment.

Deputies later learned that the victims pleaded for their lives as the suspects brandished the firearms, authorities said.

A patron of the bar who had access to a firearm, pointed it at the suspects, and shot at them multiple times.

One offender was shot multiple times.

The other fled on foot from the pub, and got into a nearby vehicle.

The vehicle fled from the scene, eastbound on Lincoln Highway heading towards Harlem Avenue.


The suspect who was shot on scene was pronounced dead.

A positive identification of the suspect has been made, however, the name will not be released until the family has received proper notification, authorities said.

The suspects were able to complete the robbery, but police believe the deceased suspect had the majority of the proceeds stuffed inside his pants and pockets.

The two firearms that the suspects had were recovered at the scene, authorities said.

One firearm was located near the deceased suspect, and the other was found in the parking lot of the business.

The firearms were determined to be replica firearms — similar to airsoft guns.

Authorities say the statements from witnesses are consistent with video surveillance obtained from inside the business.

No one has been charged in this incident.