Freezing temperatures test commuters, visitors alike

The temperatures right now make it hard to talk about anything but the cold.

"Right now, I can't even feel my fingers," commuter Sophia Tourek said. "Miserable, horrible, I hate it. I don't know why I live here."

Others have a different perspective.

"I feel it's fine. No complaints....This ain't bad," fellow commuter Robert Klinge said.

Regardless of how you might feel, everyone can agree it's difficult to feel anything in these severe wind chills.

The temperature was around 15 degrees during rush hour here at the Metra station near Hubbard and Artesian, but it's the wind chills that leave a nasty sting.

Fortunately, commuters said the trains were running quickly.

"The train makes it a little easier, I don't have to worry about the horrible roads and all that. So that makes it a little bit better,” Tourek said.

Many a seasoned commuter know how to navigate the city's pedway. On Wednesday night, it was an underground oasis from the plunging temps.

The Sanchez family is visiting the Midwest from a much warmer Arizona.

"It was 78 degrees today,” Jennifer Sanchez said, laughing.

Although the Windy City is living up to it's nickname, the warmer hearts of Chicagoans prevailed.
"One of your kind people on the street brought us down here, hiding out,” Sanchez said.

The best advice we found talking to people in the cold?

"[Take it] one day at a time...It is what it is," Klinge said.