Fugitive who taunted Illinois sheriff online captured in Guatemala

A fugitive from Kankakee County is now behind bars, but only after sheriff's deputies say he taunted them with social media messages from abroad.

The messages contained insults toward the sheriff and also made fun of Kankakee. but eventually the sheriff's department had the last laugh.

Last December, 35-year-old Jacob Pitts failed to appear in court on cocaine charges. With the holidays approaching, the sheriff’s office posted a mugshot of Pitts dressed as an elf on the department's website, asking for the public's help in locating him.

“We put those out on social media and the assistance and response we get is just unbelievable,” said Sheriff Mike Downey.

But this time, it wasn't the public who responded, it was Jacob Pitts, with emails taunting the sheriff and his deputies. One email said, I'm wanted in your S***hole town. I'm in Guatemala over 4500 kilometers away, come get me." Another said, "It's Guatemala now....so Downey, come see the south, I'll buy the beers."

“He taunted a number of people, he created a couple fake Facebook accounts and said some things on those fake Facebook accounts that were derogatory to some people,” Downey said.

Pitts also told the sheriff's department about his Facebook page, where he posted photos of his travels and called himself a world traveler.

The photos appeared to confirm Pitt's messages telling deputies he was in Guatemala. But Sheriff Downey wasn't about to send anyone there looking for him. Then, Pitts tried to renew his passport and the system picked up the outstanding warrant. He was taken into custody, and now he's back in the county jail.

Sheriff Downey says the taunting messages from Pitts never made him a special target.

“We want to get everybody. We just want people to appear in court as they're required to do,” Downey said.