Gator notoriety grows as it manages to avoid capture in Chicago lagoon

Onlookers were hoping to see the famous Chicago alligator on "Gator Watch Day Three." But they did not.

On Thursday, Benny the Bull posed for pictures at the boathouse and Willow the dog was getting looks as she walked to the park in full gator costume.

"Walking here, we had people shouting out their car about how they caught the gator and everyone's you know, petting her. She's loving the attention," said Willow's mom Meredith Moran.

Those who turned out for "Gator Watch Day Three" didn't see the gator. Its last sighting was at 2 a.m. by Chicago police.

But those who turned out did see new fencing and police tape.

"This is a rare event. People seeing a gator in the park, so what we're trying to do with the tape and the fencing is to ensure that no one gets close to the water," said Chicago police officer Michael Carroll.

"Alligator Bob" was on site, checking five traps around the lagoon that include baits of rats, fish and chicken bones. He entertained questions from young fans.

"Hopefully he's still here. Someone didn't take him home. I think she took it home," Alligator Bob joked.

The Block Club Chicago contest chose the winning name of the alligator. It's "Chance the Snapper," which may serve it well as days pass and the gator grows hungry in its new environment.

"They don't set up homes. These are wild free ranging animals that have one thing in mind. Fill their bellies and lay in the sun," said Alligator Bob.