Gators congregate in swampy area of Louisiana

A swampy area in Louisiana is attracting dozens of alligators and even more onlookers. 

Video shot earlier this month shows dozens of gators swimming close to a fence by the Davis Pond Diversion, a manmade canal, in St. Charles Parish where the alligators were catching fish. 

“Any time you have water movement like that, what’s going to happen is all different types of fish, from the tiny, tiny little bait fish to larger fish are going to move to that moving water to feed," said Jeb Linscombe, who manages the Fur and Alligator Program in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. “So, it’s going to attract alligators there to feed on those fish.”

The gators may not be there for much longer as the spillway is set to close this month, according to FOX 8. 

“You’re going to see some when it’s closed," Linscome said. “but again, those animals, after it’s closed, they will eventually disperse back to their normal habitats."

Linscombe said onlookers have been feeding them so, very much likes ducks at a park, they swim up hoping to be fed. 

Wildlife officials say people should not feed alligators or entice them from their natural ecosystems as it becomes a safety concern when they feel comfortable around humans.