Gov. Pritzker shares his plan to fight gun violence

On his first full day in his new job, Governor JB Pritzker signed a series of measures sought by labor unions, including pay raises for thousands of state employees.

He also said he wants to talk to governors in neighboring states about reducing the flow of what he calls "weapons of war."

At his first news conference as governor Tuesday, Gov. Pritzker indicated new restrictions might reduce bloodshed at future massacres.

“Bump stocks, which of course have been talked about at the federal level -- we'll have to see the implementation -- and then high-capacity magazines. Those are two examples,” Pritzker said.

He plans to target what he calls military-style "weapons of war."

“I’m certainly going to be talking to the governors of surrounding states and working on what I said during the campaign, which is to try to interrupt that flow on both sides of the border. So, those are some examples anyway of making sure that we're dealing with the weapons of war that are coming onto the streets of our state,” Pritzker said.

The Democratic governor also wants much higher funding for street-level violence interruption programs that often employ ex-convicts and gang members. Republican former Gov. Bruce Rauner was deeply skeptical of them.

“Those programs have been decimated across the state. And so we should be focusing on interrupting violence as much as possible,” Pritzker said.

In addition to potential battles over "weapons of war," Pritzker may get push back over some of the local violence interruption programs. There have been allegations of sexual harassment and questions about street gang influence.