Grieving widow left heartbroken after thieves steal precious memories from her car

Car thieves in suburban Lansing stole more than just a set of wheels when they made off with precious memories from a life lost just two months ago.

“When my husband passed away, I didn’t have the strength to do anything,” said Tyesha Scordato.

Tyesha Scordato is in shock. Not only was her SUV stolen right out of her driveway on Tuesday morning, but the priceless memories that were inside are gone as well.

“My sister in law Amanda and her children stayed up and made this beautiful collage for me. It had our wedding photos and our moments that we all captured together,” Scordato said.

Her husband Robert died in a rollover crash right before their one-year wedding anniversary.

“He passed away October 6. Our anniversary was supposed to be October 31st,” she said.

Surveillance video show a suspect -- a black man in a Pittsburgh Pirate’s jacket with a hood over his head. At one point, he stares right into the camera and still takes off with the mother of 5’s 2016 red Kia Sorrento.


Scordato says she believed she locked the doors as she let her car warm up for five minutes.

Lansing police are investigating another car theft that happened Monday and believe it is the same suspects.

The keys were not left in Scordato’s SUV. It has a push button to start, so the thieves used what is called an amplifying device. If the keys are in the house, it dubs the signal and they are able to steal your car. Law enforcement says to leave the keys in an aluminum container to prevent this from happening.