Group of dads bond with their daughters, learn to braid hair before Father's Day

There’s a social club of sorts in Bourbonnais that is growing by the month.

The organizers of "Dad's Club" are all about building bonds between their sons and daughters that sometimes means stepping out of their comfort zones.

On Friday, there were 13 dads who weren't in front of the TV or enjoying a night out on the town with friends. Instead, they were in a salon with their little girls learning the art of how to do good hair.

For a lot of guys, the hair salon is uncharted territory. They don't understand the painting, the blowouts, and much less, the braid.

“We wanted to put something together where it would motivate others to do things with their daughters,” said Dad’s Club co-founder Nick Huffman.

Huffman teamed up with a couple of other local dads and the group just kept growing.

Brandon Williamson is a Navy veteran, a powerlifting world champ, father to 8-year old Brenna, and the man behind the Facebook page "Daddy Does My Hair."

“I'd be taking her to pre-school in the morning and all the other moms would see her hair and say, ‘you can tell your dad did your hair this morning!’" said Williamson.

Inspired by YouTube and Pinterest pages, Williamson has become really good at braiding.

“Once you've learned those basic styles of braiding, you can do anything,” he said.

The time they're spending and the memories they're making are priceless.

“I love my daughter and I can never expect another man to treat her right if we didn't do it first,” said Nick Huffman.

Huffman and his co-founders usually foot the bill for their Dad's Club get togethers.