Guns, ammo confiscated from car at United Center before NBA All-Star Game

Authorities confiscated weapons and ammunition from a car at the United Center on Sunday before the start of the NBA All-Star Game.

A 2019 black Yukon Denali drove into the loading dock checkpoint area of the arena about 6:45 p.m. and stopped to be checked out by a bomb-sniffing dog before dropping off its passengers, Chicago police said.

The K9 “detected a possible hit and warranted further investigation,” police said. Passengers were told to remain inside the car, but they grabbed their things, got out and walked toward the United Center, saying they were part of the half-time show.

While searching the vehicle, officers found two loaded weapons and boxes of live ammo inside of a military style backpack, police said.

The driver told investigators he didn’t know who the backpack belonged to or what was inside, police said. He had two weapons on him, but he had a valid concealed carry license and a valid FOID card.

No arrests were reported, and authorities were unable to determine who the guns in the backpack were registered to, police said.