Hadiya's classmates testify about what they saw the day she was killed

There was emotional testimony Thursday from Hadiya Pendleton's classmates about the day the 15-year old was shot and killed at a park on the south side.

Several of Hadiya's classmates with her in the park that day described in court what they heard and saw as the gunfire erupted. Some of them were also shot.

“She slumped in front of me so I stopped. I grabbed her and put her in my lap. (What did you do then?) Ummmm, I tried to find the bullet wound, but I couldn't find it,” one friend said.

That classmate was one of about a handful that took the stand to recall the events of January 29, 2013.

The witnesses described hearing shots coming from an alley, but no one was able to give investigators a strong description of the shooter. There was chaos, it was raining and one of Hadiya's friends told the jury it wasn't until he took off running that he realized he'd been shot too.

“I felt like I had a rock in my shoe. But that wasn't the time to stop and think about that,” another friend said. “She's like what's wrong with your foot? I said what's wrong with it? She said you're getting blood on the floor.”

Testimony wrapped up around 5:30 p.m. Thursday. The day also saw one juror booted from defendant Michaeil ward's jury. The judge replaced that person with an alternate, but did not say why.