'He’s doing awfully well for someone shot in the back seven times': Uncle provides update on Jacob Blake

Jacob Blake's family spoke exlusively with FOX 32 as he moves to a Chicago rehab center.

The uncle of Jacob Blake says he's being cared for around the clock

The 29-year old was shot by Rusten Sheskey a Kenosha police officer. Blake spent six weeks in a Milwaukee hospital recovering. During that time in Wisconsin, there were riots followed by peaceful protests.

Blake has been in the Chicagoland area  for a week living at a spinal injury rehabilitation center.

"He’s doing well for someone shot in the back seven times, he’s still paralyzed," said Justin Blake, Jacob Blake’s uncle.

It is unknown how long he will have to stay there.


“God only knows what’s in store for him to walk again,” said Justin Blake.

The family has chosen not to disclose where Jacob is out of safety already his immediate family has received death threats.

“It’s ridiculous, the fact of the matter is the Blake family has been up here supporting little Jake and we aren’t leaving Kenosha,” said Justin Blake.

Jacob has severe injuries from the shooting to his stomach, kidney, liver, colon and spine.

Three Kenosha police officers remain suspended. His uncle says he wants answers and justice.

“You saw the video, we saw the video. They would rather fabricate stories than to remove him for the police force and say this isn’t the way Kenosha does police. But this is systemic racism when you have coverage and safe haven’t given to a criminal,” said Justin Blake

Last month, the wisconsin department of justice said it was in the "final stages" of the investigation.