Highland Fire Department installs Indiana's 129th Safe Haven Baby Box

Marking a milestone in northwest Indiana's efforts to save the lives of newborns, a blessing ceremony was held Friday at the Highland Central Fire Department for the state's 129th Safe Haven Baby Box and the 244th in the country.

A Safe Haven Baby Box allows a mother in crisis to legally and safely surrender their newborn if they are unable to care for the child. Indiana's Safe Haven Law permits a person to give up an unwanted infant anonymously without fear of arrest or prosecution.

Baby boxes are installed in an outside wall of a fire station or hospital, protecting newborns from the weather and allowing medical staff to receive the child from inside the building.

"This Safe Haven Baby Rescue Box is a testament to protecting every life that we possibly can," said Tim Huizenga, lead pastor of Faith Church Highland. "This great town is doing whatever it can to save the lives of innocent babies from being illegally abandoned."

The Safe Haven Baby Boxes organization reports that to date, 47 babies have been surrendered in the baby boxes, plus three handed directly to firefighters at baby box locations.