Highland Park residents plan Sunday rally to 'End the Vaccine Mandate'

Residents in Highland Park are planning an "End the Vaccine Mandate" rally for this weekend.

Organizers say this is a fight for a medical freedom and privacy.

Highland Park is adhering to Cook County's COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which requires patrons to show proof of vaccination for indoor dining, gyms and entertainment venues.

Organizers say the rules are hurting local businesses.

"Emptying the restaurants has a halo effect on other businesses. I can’t imagine we can continue this much longer," said Suzanne Wahl.

"What is fair to business is that we come out of this pandemic. However we need to do this to come out of it, I’m all for it," an unidentified diner countered.


The "End the Vaccine Mandate" rally is scheduled for noon on Sunday at Port Clinton Square in Highland Park. 

The event comes ahead of a City Council meeting on Monday, which protesters are also planning to attend.

An earlier version of this story states that the rally would take place on Saturday at noon, that has since been corrected to Sunday.