Highly anticipated 'Reacher' to be released Friday on Amazon Prime

After 26 different novels and two big-screen action movies, the popular character of "Jack Reacher" is now heading to the small screen in a new Amazon series.

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with the actor bringing the character to life, Alan Ritchson. The two discussed the character’s most well-known attribute – his intimidating size and stature, something Ritchson shares in common with Reacher.

"I do share similarities with this build," Ritchson said. "There’s a lot of confidence you can have moving about the world feeling like you’re the biggest guy in the room. But the reaction that most people have to me in my life is that somebody my size either has to be an ------- or dumb as rocks."


Tom Cruise previously played the character of "Jack Reacher" in two movies in 2012 and 2016 – and Ritchson spoke on the difference between his version of the character and Cruise’s.

"All I can say is by the time I took on the role I had 24 books to look at. There was no question I had as to how Reacher would react in a certain moment."

"Reacher" starts streaming on Amazon Prime on Friday.