Hillary Clinton touts book in return to Chicago

The candidate whose campaign was allegedly targeted by the Russians was in Chicago Monday, but Hillary Clinton kept her distance from reporters during a book signing in the suburbs.

The former Democratic presidential candidate was in Winnetka Monday to sign copies of her book, titled “What Happened, which deals with her loss in the 2016 campaign and allegations it may have been caused in part by Russian meddling.

When asked the charges against President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, the Park Ridge native smiled and said little: "You can find out what happened and what is still happening. I have a great chapter about Russia in here."

Outside, hundreds of Clinton supporters lined up for the meet-and-greet were ecstatic about the indictments.

"I'm thrilled it was three and not just one and it seems like the charges are pretty far reaching," a woman at the event said.

"That's the real shame that we find out all these things that truly did affect the election and who's leading us. She really should be the president. And we'd be much safer."

Bruce Brandt, a lone protester, held a sign listing alleged Clinton scandals.

"We're not getting the full story and I feel that someone has to stand up and say I feel that this is wrong and there's things to be questioned," Brandt said.