Homework assignment asks 2nd graders: 'My dream for colored people in America is...'

A suburban mother is outraged over a racially insensitive homework assignment involving a question posed to second graders.

"Getting something like that was a complete shock," said Brianna Johnson.

Johnson says when she opened her daughter’s second grade assignment, her jaw dropped.

"The assignment says ‘My dream for colored people in America is..." and the students are supposed to finish that sentence," Johnson said.

Her 7-year-old daughter attends online learning at Oakdale Elementary School in Waukegan. Johnson says the wording of the assignment is disturbing and racially insensitive, and that her daughter’s teacher is white.

"They could have asked ‘What can we do to create equality in America?’ There’s so many other ways than to use ‘colored people’ -- it’s completely out of line," Johnson said.


The school’s principal released the following statement: "I want to first say this type of error is unacceptable, and we understand why many of our families are rightfully upset to see that term in a classroom assignment."

The statement goes on to say that "On behalf of our teachers and school, I deeply apologize for the use of this terminology, and we assure our parents and community that this sort of language is in no way reflective of the learning environment and ethos we strive to promote as a school here at Oakdale."

The schools says the assignment was approved by a multicultural team.

"There needs more conversations and Black people involved, especially during Black History Month," Johnson said.