'Hot in a hurry': Chicagoans relish in summer-like weather

Last week, Chicagoans had their raincoats on. This week, no coats are needed at all!

It’s been a quick switch in weather statewide. It's a welcome change for many who are embracing the summer temps.

"It’s giving me life, it’s nourishing my soul," said Caitlin Crumpton, who was eating al fresco Monday evening.

The warm weather means restaurant patios are packed.

"Especially after all the gray days, it’s just so exciting and I’m so ready for summer in Chicago," said Annika Nelson.


Monday was a beautiful day to go for a walk or even — the beach!

"It’s never too early to go to the beach," said Anthony Viloria.

It was a little breezy by the lakefront, but that is not stopping people from soaking up the sun and putting the six months of winter behind them.

On the Lakefront Trail near DuSable Harbor, there were bicyclists, dog walkers and lots of smiles.

We found folks happy to be out and looking forward to the serious heat that's coming later this week.

"It got hot in a hurry. I like it when it's like this nice, 75 temperature, for sure. This is a nice-good medium. When it gets really hot, it's gonna be interesting for sure, especially when you get closer to the buildings in the center of the city," said Marian Knotts.

"It's beautiful weather today. The birds are chirping, people are smiling, so I can't complain," said Amir Abedrabo.

"What's really beautiful about this city is when it’s nice out, you can come outside and see so many different people from different walks of life and everyone is so happy because its finally nice out," said Whitney Nebolisa.