Hundreds pack St. Sabina to hear Louis Farrakhan speak after Facebook ban

Minister Louis Farrakhan took to the lectern at Saint Sabina Church to a standing ovation and cheers, hours after the state Holocaust museum condemned his visit to the church to speak.

Farrakhan, banned on all Facebook platforms last week, was invited to speak by Fr. Michael Pfleger. Pfleger invited Farrakhan to defend himself amid allegations that he participated in what the platform called “dangerous hate speech.”

Speaking to approximately 300-400 people Thursday evening, Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, spoke about prayer and morality, and denounced the “hatred that has been shown toward) him.”

Pfleger said Facebook was being hypocritical because the platform has been used to stream shootings and other “violent and hateful acts.”

Speaking earlier in the day, representatives of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and the Archdiocese of Chicago condemned the event citing Farrakhan’s past statements, which they criticized as anti-Semitic.

The Archdiocese noted it did not sponsor the event and Pfleger did not consult Cardinal Blasé Cupich about holding it.

The museum has invited Pfleger to its campus to further discuss the issue.