Hundreds sign petition for Elk Grove Village-based Savage Bros. Co. to change logo

Savage Bros. Company logo |

An online petition for a candy machine maker based in Elk Grove Village to change its “racist” logo has garnered over 600 signatures.

Savage Bros Co., which manufactures machines that candy makers use to create their product, was named after the company’s founder, the petition states. However, pairing that name with a sketch of an Indigenous person in a headdress amounts to racism, the petition argues.

“The company has, and continues to use the stereotypical head of an American Indian to convey ‘savage’ in its company logo despite complaints about the racism of connecting American Indians with ‘savage,’” wrote Dr. John Low, the founder of the petition and an associate professor at the Ohio State University at Newark.

Bob Parmley, President of Savage Bros Co., said that the company has “no plans to change the name of our company that has been in continuing operation for over 165 years and is well recognized throughout our industry.” They will, however, discuss the use of the logo at their next meeting with directors and shareholders.

“We are not blind to the connotation that our company’s founding family name has when used with the image has for many people,” Parmley said. “In our current climate of social unrest and protests, this concern has taken a heightened interest by our company.”

The petition posted to, titled “Savage Bros. Candy uses American Indian head logo. It’s time to remove that racist image,” had 618 signatures Wednesday morning.

The petition is one example of a broader push to remove Native American mascots from organizations both corporate or otherwise.

Last week, Lane Tech College Prep voted unanimously to remove their longtime “Indian” mascot. About a month earlier, the Washington NFL team announced they’d be dropping their “Redskins” name and Indian head logo.