Illinois 12-year-old graduates from junior college, plans to pursue higher education

Benyamin Bamburac, a remarkable 12-year-old, graduated from Joliet Junior College on Friday.

His academic journey began when he excelled in math classes beyond his grade level, his parents and the school to recognize his advanced learning abilities.

As the school could further challenge him, Beny's parents decided to homeschool him. However, even at home, he quickly surpassed high school math courses.

Within just 10 months, Beny completed his home math curriculum, so his parents decided to enroll him in college where he successfully passed the placement test and even scored 100% in calculus one.


When asked about his future plans, Beny expressed his focus on education, stating, "I'm thinking about school now, and then when I finish school, I'll think about jobs."

He's now enrolled at Lewis University, where he will enter as a junior.