Illinois AG candidate responds to abortion, gay marriage attacks

Democrats are attacking the Republican candidate for Illinois attorney general as too conservative on social issues, including abortion and gay marriage. Erika Harold is now responding to those attacks.

Harold says abortion rights and marriage equality are "settled law" in Illinois and she would not seek to change that as attorney general. Her Democratic opponent's hitting her on it.

“Harold believes abortion should be banned, even in cases of rape and incest. And as Trump's Supreme Court nominee threatens to overturn Roe V. Wade, Harold opposed the Illinois bill that would protect a woman's right to choose,” Raoul said.

Harold responded, “[They are] settled issues in Illinois, though. And that's one thing voters in Illinois need to know. They also need to wonder why is it that Raoul, who's been in the Springfield’s legislature for 14 years, is not running on what he actually has done.”

Harold's largest source of campaign cash is Governor Bruce Rauner. He hopes she will lock up longtime House Speaker Mike Madigan on corruption charges.

FOX 32: Do you see a crime that the speaker's committed?

“I don't see a crime right now. But I do see a conflict of interest that the law should be changed to address,” Harold said. “You have the speaker who's setting property tax policy in the legislature. He also has a side business where he represents clients in property tax appeals.”