Illinois iLottery player shocked after winning $986,932 on Lottery app: 'I didn't believe it'

Illinois Lottery Player

An Illinois iLottery player recently struck gold, winning $986,932 by playing Fast Play Twenty 20s on the Illinois Lottery app!

"I had just come in from walking the dog and was about to hit the hay when I decided to play a game on the Lottery app. That’s when - BOOM! - I won the jackpot," said the iLottery winner. "With this game, you find out right away if you win - but I didn’t believe it."

So far this year, over 567,000 winning tickets have been sold for the Twenty 20s game. This has netted Illinois Lottery players more than $32.5 million in prizes, officials said. 

"I took a screenshot to show my wife, and even she didn’t believe it. It wasn’t until I claimed the prize that we both realized it’s actually real. It was definitely a shock, but let’s face it, this is a very good shock," said the iLottery player. 

The jackpot for the Twenty 20s game begins at $50,000 and grows with each ticket sold statewide, both in-store and online, until the jackpot is won.

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